15 years in IT feels like a few lifetimes

By April 5th 2017 10:48 am

My partners Patrick, Denis and I started Vox Teneo 15 years ago. This is a very long period of time if you are working in the IT industry. I am grateful that during these years I have been able to experience not only the exponential development of technology, but also the growth of our own company along with it. Today we are present in six countries worldwide and working on many exciting cutting-edge technology projects.

…what brought us all here today is trust.


This may sound like a cliché, but what brought us all here today is trust. – trust in people, trust in technology, the trust of our clients, who eventually became our long-term partners. To be honest, trust also lead us to some failures along the way too, but if I have to choose again today I would always give the benefit of the doubt to trust.


I treat hardware as a cost and intelligence as an investment


One of the biggest challenges for us is to continue adopting the new technologies, while maintaining our project execution excellence and the professional level of our products. It is easy to imagine how the first project you work on in a new technology is often related with unexpected challenges and has no best practice standard you can rely on. The key is continuous investment in knowledge and talent. If I must choose where to spend my money, I would always prefer to invest in brilliant minds capable of managing ambiguity and thinking innovatively, than to build a data center.


Rigour, Flexibility, Ingenuity


As we were starting Vox Teneo, it looked nothing like most of today’s start-ups. We didn’t go to an accelerator and never contacted an angel investor. We started building it block by block with our “bare hands”. Me, Patrick and Denis were all on the field, which gave us a very good understanding of what it takes to be successful in this business. After a few years of 60-hour work weeks and a serious amount of willpower, we looked back and thought it all over. We asked ourselves “What makes us a success story?”. And this is namely how we defined our values: Rigour, Flexibility, Ingenuity. Today these run in the veins of the company, and they are also what we are looking to see in every person who comes to works with us.