2018 spring events in Bandung

By May 11th 2018 11:59 am

ScrumDay Bandung 2018


On April 16th, 2018, three people from the team in Indonesia went to the biggest Scrum event in the world which was held in Bandung, Indonesia. Kharisma, Ayi and Rendy joined more than 500 participants from Indonesia and other countries.



The title of the event was “Service-Based Leadership for Adaptability in the Face of Global Challenges”. Various topics from 4 major areas were covered:-People & Culture, Product Management, Technical Excellence and Business Development. Every participant could choose the topic that seemed the most interesting for him/her. – We could also jump from one topic to another – whenever we wanted . The speakers were practitioners, that came from France, USA and Indonesia. Also  Scrum Masters were available for us to answer questions about Scrum.




We got many insights during the event especially about servant leadership, efficiency, measuring performance and cultures around the world.


DevOpsDays Jakarta 2018 Summary


About The Event

The event opened with the “State Of DevOps 2018” topic that explains the current state of DevOps, discusses in detail cultures and tools related to DevOps, as well as opportunities for the DevOps advancement and improvement in the future.

The event was held at the end of April at BTPN Tower Jakarta for 2 days in a row, attended by several large companies from various categories such as e-commerce, FinTech, Travel, SaaS, Big Data, Education and many others that are and will be implementing DevOps. At this event there were practitioners from Indonesia and overseas.

The event was supported by Agile Circle Indonesia which has a mission to transmit the culture of DevOps in the application development.



In additional to the Keynote speakers, we also got great ignites speakers who provided useful information regarding DevOps and encouraged participants to successfully transform and implement   DevOps in their companies, making it much better in terms of development, product lifecycle, stakeholders communication and delivery.

There were discussion sessions split per topic delivered by every keynote speaker each day. Participants could share experiences, problems and solutions among themselves and discuss directly with the speakers.

Covered Material :

  • How to set up a DevOps team within an organization or company.
  • The success story of the e-commerce company “BliBli” in implementing  Devops for mobile application development
  • .Prudential’s success story as one of the insurance companies, that have changed their organization using agile methodology and implementing DevOps in application development in approximately 2.5 years.
  • How to deliver a feature quickly and with high quality by breaking the feature into small parts.
  • Utilization of Raspberry Pi devices as a server for non-profit organizations with consideration of the limited resources of devices and electricity as well as internet connection



Benefits gained from the event:

  • Getting acquainted with  some of the DevOps Tools used by such companies like Jenkins, Chef, Ansible and Bamboo.
  • How DevOps can ease IT routine tasks, such as Web deployment and Server Management or Orchestration.
  • Get information on how the big companies decide to implement DevOps in their company.


LaravelBDG#2 Event


On Monday, April the 30th, 2018, Vox Teneo became  part of a community called LaravelBDG. LaravelBDG is a community for those who have interest in Laravel and live around Bandung. The community is still new. It was created in the previous March and currently has about 50 members. The plan is to have meet-up events once a month.



This time, Vox Teneo sponsored the event by providing snacks for the coffee break and also the speaker. Haryo Adi, one of our PHP developers talked about “Move on From Your MVC, Part Controller”. The talk was started with a short explanation about MVC, then the difficulties with it, especially in the Controller part. After that, he explained his suggestion and gave an example in Laravel. The talk was quite long (almost an hour), but the summary was quite simple: move the application logic out of controller.

Vox Teneo is willing to join communities where we can share ideas. We believe that the more we give, the more we will get.