Vox Teneo at 20km of Brussels – 2017

By May 29th 2017 1:20 pm

This Sunday Vox Teneo was once again traditionally attending the 20km of Brussels marathon.



This year we participated with 9 runners, 3 of which were reinforcement from our team in Macedonia. As usual the experience was amazing, and we can proudly say we have some results to show for it:


Name Country Time
François Belgium 1:25:33
Nicolas Belgium 1:32:05
Bojan Macedonia 1:49:22
Sophie Belgium 1:56:23
Hubert Belgium 1:59:38
Denis Belgium 2:01:01
Vladimir Macedonia 2:10:29
Laurent Belgium 2:14:38
Elena Macedonia 2:36:42


We are taking a short break now to recharge, but the preparations for next year will start very soon. See you next year at 20km of Brussels.