A Belgian Guy in Macedonia

By August 8th 2016 10:12 am
Luc cover photo

The Head of Software Development of Vox Teneo, Luc Debliquis, made the decision to move to Macedonia in 2014 . We asked him a couple of questions to see what led him to that decision and how does he like his new working and living environment.


Early Life

Luc originally comes from the beautiful town of Tournai, Belgium, but he lived most of his life in and around Brussels in the Walloon Brabant region (French area of Belgium). He studied at  “Université libre de Bruxelles” to become a Physical Education teacher, but decided to take an entirely different career path. The most interesting thing about him is that for the most part he is a self-taught developer. His learning was fueled by his love of technologies and the Internet, especially by the benefits those things could bring to people. He got his first job in IT back in 1998 as a Web Developer.  He had multiple jobs, many of those simultaneously over the course of 14 years. Along the way always improving his skills as he climbed higher and higher in his career.

Starting with Vox Teneo

In December 2012 he started with Vox Teneo, for a “temporary” freelance mission, as a Senior .NET Developer and Application Architect. He was immediately engaged with his Vox Teneo coworkers, company values, and the crazy interesting projects and challenges. So the mission was prolongated on a common agreement.  Within less than a year, his skills and knowledge took him to the lead of the .NET team. Not long after, in July 2014 he was awarded a promotion to the Head of Software Development.


Moving to Macedonia

Luc’s first visit to Macedonia was in July 2014, shortly after the opening of our office in Skopje. At the time, Vox Teneo Macedonia was just at the beginning of it’s growth and rising. Coming from the depressing rains of Belgium, Luc fell in love with Skopje right away. He fell for the sun of course, but mostly with the people, not just the colleagues but Macedonians in general. Two more visits came in 2014, and it was enough for him to make the decision to move to Macedonia for good. The move to Skopje came in November 2014 and we can in all honesty say that he is one of the main reasons for the success of Vox Teneo Macedonia.


At first, Luc needed some time adjusting to the Macedonian lifestyle. Everything in Skopje was LOUD! Not being used to all the noise and the volume of the people in Macedonia, he was the guy everyone in the office feared.  It was very often that he would get mad and say “This is not a bazar!” With time, he slowly learned to tolerate the noise and even adjust his way of talking to blend with his new environment.  Now Belgian people are asking him to stop yelling when he speaks!


As time has passed in Skopje, Luc fell in love with the life more and more. He found activities to fill his spare time, such as hiking in Mavrovo, crossfit, skiing and playing Ice hockey with Skopje – Metalurg. Not long ago he got his Macedonian Drivers licence as well.  Leading him to buy a few new bikes which he loves riding. He also fell for the macedonian boza, skara, wine and of course rakija.


With time, people in the office got to know him more deeply.  To understand that he is a really nice guy. A guy with an amazing sense of style who is always looking sharp. A guy with a soft spot for all animals, especially cats.


Future plans

For now, Luc has no intentions of moving away from Skopje. He became used to the lifestyle and the sunny weather. He can’t imagine living under the Belgian rain anymore.


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