An American in Belgium

By June 23rd 2016 2:37 pm
Ben with wife featured image

One of the newest recruits is our first American born employee – Benjamin Reinhardt. He started in Vox Teneo in early 2016 as a Project Manager and he fitted in right away. Being the only US citizen in our company and not one of many that live in Belgium we wanted to see how does he like his new way of living and his new job.


Early life

Benjamin was born and raised in a small town in Pennsylvania. He lived there for the most part of his life and then moved to North Carolina for a short while, before moving to Belgium. He got a bachelor degree in Computer science from the university of Delaware but his life led him to a completely different career in one of the biggest French pharmaceutical companies where he met his now-wife. His biggest passions aside from his job were two main things: photography and racing cars which unfortunately he had to leave as a hobby when he moved to Belgium.


Moving to Belgium

Moving to Europe from the US Ben didn’t encounter many problems, except for couple things that came as a cultural shock for him… One is that shops close earlier and don’t work on Sundays in Brussels, and that Europeans do a really strange thing when it comes to food… They put mayonnaise on their french fries! Being used to a faster life back in the US, he took his time adjusting to his new environment, and the more slow-pace live in Belgium. However, his main concern was the language barrier. Only at a beginner level with French he was shy to speak publicly and often ran into problems in communication with people.


Getting in Vox Teneo

After a while in Brussels, Ben decided he was staying there so he started looking for a job and soon found Vox Teneo. Being a free spirited and open minded person he loves communication with people and solving problems so he applied for a Project Manager in our company. Of course his previous knowledge of Software engineering helped him a lot here. Now a really valuable member of the company and being a native English speaker he is always the go-to-guy when problems in communications occur.


Future Plans

Ben has been with us since early 2016 and he loves his new job and life in Belgium. In the past four months his French has significantly improved and now he has no trouble in communications with his colleagues and clients. He also just got married so he plans to stay in Brussels for a long run.