“Ask Vox Teneo” Campaign

By June 15th 2016 12:58 pm
Stefan for Newsletter

We have launched a Facebook campaign in April 2016 that reached 35 000 people with 65,00 $ budget. This is not unusual for the platform. What was unusual is that not one single user reported us as spam…

What does creative concept means?

Internet has changed the game in advertising long time ago, but most of the brands still struggle to adjust. Emitting the message of the company is not the way to speak with people. Rarely somebody is interested in your monologue.

What we did is – we have opened ourselves to the audience. We have put the people in the lights of the projectors, because the people are our most important asset of Vox Teneo and chose to share the knowledge instead of hiding our know-how.


We are a global company and wanted to show our international face. Talented people from all the offices did participate in the campaign.


We wanted to show the different technologies we work with. That is why we have picked experts from different fields to be answering questions. Marjan from Macedonia, for example is a Drupal expert…


Oppie is a Belgian with Indonesian background, perfectly matching our international company culture….


Pierre was a difficult catch for our campaign. Like most project managers he is hard to reach, because of his tight and floating schedule of a problem solver operating on many fields.


Whisnu is experienced with e-commerce and Prestashop in particular. He is employed in our office in Bandung, Indonesia.


Eva is keen on technology. Apart from her JAVA expertise, she was also one of the first in the office to adopt Elastic search.