Recycling in Macedonia

By May 7th 2018 10:43 am

As a part of our “Be the change” campaign, the biggest topic that we want to focus on mostly for now in Macedonia is the pollution.

One of the steps we are taking regarding this issue is recycling. With the help of Pakomak, we started with sorting garbage and sending it for recycling. For now we are separating the plastic and paper waste, but we also have bigger plans for the future.



Why recycling?


“With recycling one ton of office paper we save 17 trees, 4.200kw of energy, 3.200L of water. And from one ton of plastic we can get up to 1.000L of fuel. “

There are many benefits from recycling that are contributing to the well being of nature and the planet. To name just a few:

  • Minimizes the pollution and the amount of waste sent to landfills.
  • Helps in preserving the natural resources like wood, minerals, water etc.
  • Prevents pollution by reducing the need to collect new raw materials.

And one of the most important points is that recycling raises awareness, which is what we are trying to achieve. Starting with just few trash cans in our office to separate the paper and plastic, we are hoping that others will take as us an example and follow. Believe it or not, with recycling one ton of office paper we save 17 trees, 4,200kw of energy and 3.200L of water. So, with the recycling of the paper, we are making a smaller impact on the environment. We save 60% of the energy needed to produce paper from a tree and reduce the consumption of water by 15%.



The situation in Macedonia


In Macedonia, recycling is a relatively “new thing”. The population is not used to selection of the waste, instead everything goes in just one trash can. This causes a problem for the recycling companies because the raw materials they get are not good.

An article published on Balkan Green Energy News reads: – “Macedonia is still far from its goal of recycling 60 percent of packaging waste by the year 2020 and the Association of Secondary Raw Materials Collectors and Recyclers wants to increase its cooperation with local communal services companies to reach that goal.”

In Macedonia 100.000 tons of packaging waste is produced yearly, and almost 70% of it is plastic and paper.

If you want to get involved, refer to Pakomak and they will help you out in your misson.