Running for charity on the 20km of Brussels

By May 7th 2018 10:48 am

Did you know that ….

  • 100% of donations to Goto Togo are straightly used to finance hosting and educating young girls in Togo ?
  • The poverty rate in Togo is 55% ?
  • The poverty rate reaching women in Togo is 57,50% ?
  • 51% of adult women in Togo are literate compared to 64% for the average adult woman in the world ?
  • 17% of women from Togo VS 41% of men from Togo went to high school or even further ?
  • Togo is ranked at 164th country in the world according to the ranking of human development indicators ?
  • With the help of Goto Togo the average school success rates to 90% of helped girls ?
  • The girls from Goto Togo are the first one entering university in Lomé ?

This year, Vox Teneo is once again taking part in the 20km of Brussels run. Only this time we are running together with Goto Togo charity.

3 of our teammates are running: Christophe, Mathias and Denis. We thank them for their engagement and commitment to this charity.



By running with Goto Togo, we are promoting and supporting a charity helping with the rehabilitation of young girls in Togo. The charity supports financially a shelter for young girls that are marginalized and/or in trouble with the law. The objective is to help these young girls to play their part in the togolese society. Because we believe that, when given a chance, these girls can transform Togo for the better in future. Currently, about 20 girls between 10 and 16 years old are living in this shelter. The charity was founded 10 years ago and focuses this year on extending the shelter to welcome more girls.

The charity organization also works on bringing awareness to the following topics: education and gender equality in South African? countries. They give conferences and debates in schools in order to raise awareness



This is how you can change young girl’s quality life:

  • Breakfast for 20 people 0,15€ x 20km = 3€
  • Warm meal for 20 people 0,40€ x 20km = 8€
  • One year to primary school (inscription fees and supplies) = 25€
  • One year to high school (inscription fees and supplies) = 65€
  • Scholarship to Lomé university = 150€

Feel free to find our results of the run from last year in our previous blogpost. For X yearsIndeed Vox Teneo is always present at this annual run, gathering all our running lovers.

We count on your help to support our runners and Goto Togo !