Brussels Elections 2018

By October 24th 2018 3:46 pm

Last weekend was very important for Belgium. Every six years, the second Sunday from October is the time when the local elections take place.

For the second time Vox Teneo is involved. @SPRB (Service Public Regional de Bruxelles) trusted Vox Teneo to publish the official website of these elections in the capital: Brussels. This website was created in partnership with Tipik who did the analysis and the design. The technology choice: Drupal 8 is also not a coincidence. It is not only one of the most reliable and secure open source content management systems to date, but was also initially written by a Belgian software developer Dries Buytaert.

Besides the purely presentational part of the project there was an application that had to handle 200 requests per second between 5:00PM and 11:00PM on Sunday, when results from the elections were published real time polling station by polling station. This application was developed with the PHP based Laravel.

About the website:

Our goal was to provide a user friendly, simple but reliable website, where users can select one of three profiles in which they might be interested:

1. Elector
2. Candidate
3. Administrative worker

Based on their selection, they can find different, well organized articles and documentation related to their choice. The website also features a calendar with all the events related to the elections like deadlines for applying and providing paperwork.


Our little story behind:

Everything that looks smooth and perfect on the outside usually takes a lot of efforts and sometimes stressful situations.

Although in terms of days needed to develop, this was not a big project, we started working on it about one year before the Elections to make sure it will be working smoothly. And even though everything was well organized and planned, the day before such a big event with a lot of traffic to happen is stressful.

Our little story behind the project is that on the night before the elections our team was online to finally prepare the smooth functioning of the application for the day after. A little change in the functionality requested the week before was causing troubles that were finally solved on time.