Car Quotation – My Way

By December 6th 2018 3:54 pm

We are proud to announce we’ve just released a new version of MyWay Carquotation website. This multilingual website, belonging to the MyWay universe, was developed as a part of Vox Teneo’s long-time partnership with D’Ieteren Auto. 

Imagine you want to buy a quality second-hand car, from one of the top brands imported by D’Ieteren (Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, and Seat). You can do it, using MyWay. What happens if, at the same time, you want to sell your used car? 

In that case, MyWay Carquotation is the answer to your problem! You can access it directly or via a link from MyWay and, as you’ll have the opportunity to discover, these two websites have a quite similar look and feel. After all, they are family!

In fact, one of the main goals of this makeover was to bring MyWay Carquotation closer to the identity of the MyWay universe. Of course, while doing so, we couldn’t help to also improve its performance and user experience. Let’s face it, nobody wants to navigate through a slow, old looking website, right?! 

To achieve this goal, we’ve used .NET technology (Umbraco CMS), with a responsive web design, which makes it work perfectly on desktop, tablet, and mobile. It also uses Ajax, therefore allowing dynamic content loading and decoupling the data (the interchanging layer from the presentation layer). 



MyWay Carquotation starts by asking you some information about your vehicle, presenting you with all the possibilities for each field, filtered by the options you’ve previously chosen. This website offers you the chance to resell all brand vehicles. This Belgian tool greatly facilitates your task and prevents typing errors that could lead to unwanted results.  

After you’ve properly identified your vehicle, it allows you to enter the kind of vehicle you are looking for (brand and model, new or used), so that the offer you get can already be adjusted to the actual terms of the deal you wish to make. 

After entering your data, the website allows you to choose the dealer you want to contact by, therefore creating all the conditions for your experience to be a pleasant one.