Software Development

Drupal Meetup Skopje

This Saturday, on the 16th of December the Drupal Community in Macedonia is organizing a Drupal Meetup Skopje. The event will take place in Ceed Hub. If you want to join, book a seat here (it’s free). The plan of the organizers is … Continued

Remote Teams Management

The internationalization of Vox Teneo started in 2009 with the first company registered outside of Belgium. Today we are present in five countries, two continents and have clients from all around the globe. Like many other companies in the tech … Continued

How to use MS SQL server full text search to index file content?

The problem We have : A SQL table with records corresponding to files The files stored in a folder of the filesystem The table contains information about the files like : Language Validity Dates Title … To search in the … Continued

Mobile is the new sexy

Yesterday, Google changed its algorithm – and, for once, the main update has been announced officially: mobile-friendly websites will be favored if you do your research on a mobile device. Google algorithm? This algorithm is how Google decides the order … Continued

Cremagest in the medias

We talked about it last month, our product Cremagest has been presented before several crematoriums… and it didn’t end there! An article has been written in Funéraire Magazine…

Cremagest presented to its users!

This Monday, Vox Teneo presented Cremagest to thirty funeral directors coming from Lille, Herlie, Uccle and Watterlos. The application allows to manage, online, their booking to the crematoriums. Cremagest had a lot of success with its disponibility (online 24/7), its … Continued

Objective Carbon 2050: a webtool by Vox Teneo!

Vox Teneo participated to the development of a webtool allowing to calculate the carbon emission depending on different levers’ evolution (industry, behavior, etc.). Five key scenarios are proposed to the users, who can also modify then to see the impact … Continued

Umbraco certified

We are very pleased to annonce that Vox Teneo has been certified Umbraco developer. Congrats Vincent!