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Causes for negativity in the workplace

We spend more than 8 hours a day at the office and that is why it is extremely important to feel good and comfortable while at work. The energy we accumulate during working hours will last for the whole day … Continued

The importance of team relationship in a company

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” – Michael Jordan  Nowadays, building strong bonds between employees in the company is more important than ever. You’ve already heard “we spend more time at work than at home,” do we not? … Continued


Character is the key to individual success. According to a study conducted in the United States, 90% of firing cases were attributable to behaviors such as irresponsibility, dishonesty and poor interpersonal relationships. In addition, other studies indicate that emotional intelligence determines 80% of a person’s success in … Continued

We care about our employees

This topic is no big news as we have mentioned it several times in posts such as “The real power: human being”. We believe that our strength at Vox Teneo as an employer is how we treat our employees. As the … Continued

Just… move

I could not imagine that I would be with my colleagues in Indonesia at the same time of my 3rd anniversary in Vox Teneo Macedonia. While waiting at  the airport I have noticed an interesting advertisement:   Going the extra mile, why … Continued

Running for balance

  I have always run but not as often and intensely as today. I started to run long distances two years after the birth of my third child in September 2015. With 3 kids born close to each other, intense and … Continued

2018 spring events in Bandung

ScrumDay Bandung 2018   On April 16th, 2018, three people from the team in Indonesia went to the biggest Scrum event in the world which was held in Bandung, Indonesia. Kharisma, Ayi and Rendy joined more than 500 participants from … Continued

The real power: human being

Vox Teneo, today, consists of more than 100 employees and as many skills, in 4 countries. Our value is not based on machines, neither on products nor on equipment. The core of Vox Teneo, its strengths are the people.   The … Continued

Success Story – Kusumahari & Haryo

We are always on the lookout for new talents that can join our team in Indonesia, even though we don’t have an ongoing internship program. At the end of 2017, we recruited 2 new PHP developers that are today an … Continued

How to build a bonding relationship with your team

I have inadvertently been using humor as a tool for my entire career.  It is only within the last few years through feedback and reviews by peers that I have come to understand the value of this inadvertent tool.   … Continued

Success Story – Ivona

Tell us a bit about yourself. I am Ivona and I am 21 years old. Currently my fields of interest are software development and programming. I like finding solutions to problems and creating things. I am also attracted to game … Continued

We are starting a vlog series!

This spring we are starting a new series giving you another inside look of the everyday life in our company and all the people. We are starting a series of vlogs with people from each of our entities beginning with the … Continued

Success Story – Loïc and Denis

In continuation to our latest post about our internship program in Macedonia, we are focussing today on our previous interns in Belgium. Indeed, Vox Teneo Belgium also has an internship program. Denis and Loïc’s success story is a good example … Continued

Vox Teneo Internship Program

At the beginning of 2018 Vox Teneo continued with the internship programs, this time with a PHP Laravel internship in Skopje. This is not the first time Vox Teneo has opened the doors for young and talented people who want … Continued

Traveling Advices by Vox Teneo

Being a part of a company with more than 100 employees spread across several countries in different parts of the world, means that you are also a part of something larger in terms of culture and diversity. Although there are … Continued

Datakathon – Beer and Me

On the 20th and 21st of October, a team of 5 people from Vox Teneo attended Datakathon, a hackathon organized in Belgium ment to test the skills of developers. We are proud to say that our guys took the 1st … Continued

International Boss’s Day

Today, 16th of October, we are celebrating International Boss’s Day. In honor of this occasion, we are having a look at the life of a company owner, and appreciate the hard work. In this post you will have some insights of François … Continued

Vox Teneo’s 15th anniversary

On 25th April 2017 Vox Teneo celebrated its 15th anniversary. This means that in 2002, François Dupont, Denis Muyldermans and Patrick Logé created a now successful business. Over the years Vox Teneo has grown in Europe, but not only. Originally … Continued

We are opening in Bitola

As the summer days come to an end, there is a new beginning for us. This time we are opening a new office in Macedonia, beside the already existing offices in Skopje and Prilep, we are opening the doors of … Continued

Spring events 2017

It was a spring filled with a lot of events for the team of Vox Teneo. Starting from the 8th of March, we followed Laracon online. It was a live stream event filled with talks from some of Laravel’s brightest … Continued

3 days in the beautiful Zlatibor, Serbia

In a digital age, when communication tools have evolved to a stage where direct human contact is no longer needed to transfer data, a laughter, look or touch can still mean a lot more than 100 pages of text or … Continued

Vox Teneo at 20km of Brussels – 2017

This Sunday Vox Teneo was once again traditionally attending the 20km of Brussels marathon.     This year we participated with 9 runners, 3 of which were reinforcement from our team in Macedonia. As usual the experience was amazing, and … Continued

We are opening in Sofia

This spring we are opening doors in Sofia, Bulgaria to continue the expansion of the company in Eastern Europe. You can meet some of us at the Bulgarian Web Summit this weekend.   We build many small entities instead of … Continued

15 years in IT feels like a few lifetimes

My partners Patrick, Denis and I started Vox Teneo 15 years ago. This is a very long period of time if you are working in the IT industry. I am grateful that during these years I have been able to experience not only … Continued

Time Management Tips for Beginners

Since time itself cannot be stretched it is important to carefully choose what you invest your time in. We very often lose significant amounts of the value of time by not investing in the meta-activity “time management”. The thing is … Continued

Party Like You Are In Macedonia

Photos from the New Year Party in Che Bar in Skopje Vox Teneo puts a big emphasis on the people. Offering the employees flexible working hours, chance to learn, investing in trainings and traveling between the offices in Belgium, Indonesia … Continued

Proactive vs Reactive

Employees are hired by their skills, but are fired by their attitude   In this world, there are two kinds of people. First one is the Proactive, and second one is the Reactive. How do we know if we are … Continued

Four Types of Clients

Photo by: Helloquence There is an ongoing debate in the IT world of what is better: a client that has experience in IT or not; client who knows what he wants or client that leaves everything to the IT team. Here … Continued

Do you work in the right company?

photo by: Markus Spiske A developer’s life is mostly a permanent learning curve. First you learn the basic skills of software development at school. After that, at your first job, you acquire some knowledge of (good, hopefully) enterprise practices. Then … Continued

The office life – For beginners

Prior to lending my first “office job” i had experience in multiple job positions and most of them involved some kind of physical activity. Getting from a “physical” job to desk in an office can be a big shock for … Continued

My journey to Macedonia

At the end of July, I had the opportunity to visit and work in our office in Macedonia for a week. This journey had few purposes. The most important one was to meet the developers I’ve worked with for almost … Continued

A .NET intern’s story with Vox Teneo

  Every company has its own path to the success. For some, success is only reaching the financial goals without considering the feelings and needs of their employees, and in this world full of monotonous routines, people very often forget … Continued

Diversity in Vox Teneo

  The main production points for Vox Teneo are located in three different countries : Belgium, Indonesia and Macedonia. Very often, the employees of Vox Teneo travel in between these three countries in order to share the knowledge acquired while … Continued

3 Short stories to illustrate our cultural differences

Here are three short stories to illustrate what miscommunication caused by cultural differences might look like: There is no “No” in Asia Imagine that you are a project manager from the Western World, working with a remote JAVA development team … Continued

Theming Drupal 8

Vox Teneo started working with Drupal 6 at the beginning of the decade. At start learning Drupal was a bit of a challenge because of the different development concept than other popular CMSs at the time like WordPress and Joomla. With … Continued

What Millennial Developers Want?

With almost always having open job positions, we get a lot of emails and CVs from people for each of our offices. The quantity doesn’t outweigh the quality in Software Development, though. We are living in times and market where … Continued

User Experience Design (UX)

What is User Experience Design (UX) Digital media Interactivity has grown significantly in the last few years, especially for web and mobile applications. It makes the companies have to considered it as the effective and efficient media to communicate with … Continued

Team Building Futsal

The comfortable office is the one thing that gives good facility to the employees. It’s not just facility like desks and chairs that makes the job easier, but also make every activity easier to do and improve the employee’s performance. … Continued

A Belgian Guy in Macedonia

The Head of Software Development of Vox Teneo, Luc Debliquis, made the decision to move to Macedonia in 2014 . We asked him a couple of questions to see what led him to that decision and how does he like … Continued

A French Guy in Indonesia

  Cedric Pierrejean is running our Bandung office in Indonesia. He has started at Vox Teneo in 2015 and he hit the ground running. He is an experienced Project Manager but also skilled developer,valuable part of the team. Like every … Continued

Restoring table(s) in MySQL database when frm or ibd files are available only

The problem : Your server crashed and you recover only the frm and idb files. If you have only the idb files, it works also but you need the SQL scripts with the DB structure. Copying those files directly in … Continued

Adopting Xamarin – Our Story

Xamarin! It’s an amazing technology that is getting off the charts because of the endless possibilities it provides regarding mobile development. It’s sole purpose is to bring three opposing markets in one place: iOS, Android and Windows Phone. And we … Continued

We are hiring! Entrepreneurs.

photo by: DesignCue Are you self driven? If you happen to be a developer, working on your own startup idea and you believe in it so strong that you did not apply for an investment, than we are looking for you. … Continued

Girls vs Boys

The topic of professional equality of sexes is frequently discussed. We decided to give away the statistic of our IT SME for those of you curious to know if  IT is a “men’s world” We remember times when professions were … Continued

An American in Belgium

One of the newest recruits is our first American born employee – Benjamin Reinhardt. He started in Vox Teneo in early 2016 as a Project Manager and he fitted in right away. Being the only US citizen in our company … Continued

“Ask Vox Teneo” Campaign

We have launched a Facebook campaign in April 2016 that reached 35 000 people with 65,00 $ budget. This is not unusual for the platform. What was unusual is that not one single user reported us as spam… What does … Continued

We don’t hire for academic achievements

photo by Alex Jones. How you got there doesn’t matter. With all my respect to higher education, a degree mentioned in one’s CV has often as much to do with the professional skills as one’s looks. There is most probably a … Continued

Vox Teneo at 20km of Brussels

  This Sunday Vox Teneo was attending the 20km of Brussels marathon. We are proud to say that all the members from our team managed to finish the race. The 20 km of Brussels is a marathon with a tradition … Continued


We at Voxteneo as a web development company follow the agile software development paradigm and what better way to obtain cross-functionality and flexibility than committing to the S.O.L.I.D principles. In software development the best way to the finish line is … Continued

The Resonate Experience

If you have never heard about Resonate, you can’t call yourself a geek. Resonate is conference/festival held every year in the beautiful Belgrade, Serbia. It provides an insight into the current developments in the fields of digital culture visual arts and … Continued