DaisyH Medi Assistance

By February 5th 2019 10:48 am

DaisyH.be is a web platform fully managed by Vox Teneo who’s providing several value-added business services and acts as an intermediate party between hospitals and five of the biggest insurance companies in Belgium (Axa Belgium, AXA Inter Partner Assistance, AG Insurance, Les Assurances Fédérales, Allianz). DaisyH.be’s key role is to host a communication interface and be the link between hospitals and insurance companies for guaranteeing essential processes such as the electronic invoicing and for putting at disposal of the hospitals the insurance confirmation letters. The platform is accessible 24/7 and is currently used by more than 140 hospitals in Belgium.

Vox Teneo is supporting and managing the entire web platform. The authorized hospital users and insurance company operators may log in via a secured web portal and get access to several technical and functional services for facilitating their day-to-day business interactions.

The system enables a digital and secured process of sending documents and invoices between the two types of users.
This web service addresses two main insurance domains: either the hospitalizations covered by a private hospitalization insurance (Medi Assistance) and/or the hospitalizations covered by employer insurance in case of a work accident.


Regarding Medi Assistance, if the private insurance of a patient will intervene for a particular hospitalization, the insurance company sends to the hospital admission through the DaisyH.be web platform a letter confirming that all medical expenses related to that particular hospitalization will be covered by the insurance company. The insurance companies providing that “e-confirmation” service via DaisyH.be are AXA Inter Partner Assistance and AG Insurance.
On top of that, the web platform also sets at disposal and for both insurance domains (Medi Assistance and work accidents) an “e-invoice” service providing a secured and digital canal for transmitting the related invoices from the hospital to each insurance company separately. Each invoice is analyzed and a status report is sent back to the hospital confirming or not if the invoice will be processed by the insurance for reimbursement.

The five insurance companies provide that e-invoice service to the hospitals’ community by applying the “third-party payer” concept:

  • For Medi Assistance covered medical services: AXA Inter Partner Assistance and AG Insurance;
  • For work accidents: AXA Belgium, Les Assurances Fédérales and Allianz.

All the services and functionalities offered by DaisyH.be are free-of-charge services for the hospitals!

Vox Teneo’s main role in the day-to-day support is to relieve the administrative load of both parties. Beyond the direct communication and daily support with the hospitals’ users, Vox Teneo takes care of particular and more complex cases such as trouble invoice situations; invoices reminders procedures; hospital reference database updates; communication to insurances after hospitals merges/acquisitions or main users/addresses changes; new DaisyH.be platform members identification, education and onboarding. Vox Teneo’s team dedicated to this support is composed of 5 people with different roles (Project Management, Functional Support, Technical Support, Sales, Executive Relationship).