Diversity in Vox Teneo

By September 15th 2016 4:55 pm
Vanya's trip to Indonesia


The main production points for Vox Teneo are located in three different countries : Belgium, Indonesia and Macedonia. Very often, the employees of Vox Teneo travel in between these three countries in order to share the knowledge acquired while working on different types of projects, to synchronize the working process for the three locations and of course, to keep the human factor in our company, since it’s always easier to work with somebody after meeting them live, rather than working with a person on the other side of the world that you know only by his/hers profile picture on Skype or Hipchat.


So, a few weeks ago, I was very happy to find out that I am going to be part of the team that will visit Vox Teneo in Indonesia! Me and my team are located in Macedonia and as a matter a fact, just a couple of days ago before my departure for Indonesia, we got a “joined” project with the Indonesian team and it was interesting to synchronize with them and get to a point  where things were moving along smooth and easy.


Still our communication comes down to Skype calls with(at this point) people I have not met ever in my life.

So there I was, packing my bags and off we went! I honestly didn’t know what to expect there because of the culture difference we have, the language barrier and the fact that this was going to be the first time that I would meet the Indonesian team live.


To my great content when we arrived we had the warmest welcome ever from the team there! Everybody were super nice to us, we met the IT team, the development team, the marketing department, and everywhere we were welcomed with big smiles, and this was just the beginning. I have never in my life met people that were so eager to help and assist you, since keep in mind, we did come in a country we did not know, in a big city(Bandung) where at least, I was for the first time. As amazing meeting the team was and spending time with them, the important part was yet to come, and by that I mean, we did have a crazy schedule and a long list of things that we wanted to achieve  professionally during our stay there.


So, the very next day we came we started with the trainings that we needed to hold there. The team there was super motivated, the guys at the training came with nice questions. The part I liked most was the discussion we had because of the different approaches that we have taken when working on the projects and finding a common ground for both of the teams on how to continue unified, while taking the best of both worlds.


In fact, it was very interesting to work more on the synchronization between the teams in the three countries.

We managed to work on and extend on the existing guidelines for development, best practises for the development process and sync between the existing development teams. We managed to hold all the trainings with the teams and the teams were participating, open to new things, improving the old ways and coming with suggestions for the improvement in general.


And as interesting and professionally fulfilling it was to be a part of all of those things, the part I liked the most was the creative process of these whole trip. Sometimes we manage to get into this vicious cycle when we see things just from one side with the same people every day. And while in somebody’s eyes from the outside it might look like having such distinct cultures at one place would be difficult to handle, I think that Vox Teneo is a sole example that the case is exactly the opposite. It IS the fact that we have so many different cultures in house that makes us stronger in the sense that we are always open to suggestion, we as a company are capable to adjust to different environments easy and quick, we learn to be more respectful towards other people and every day we learn more and more about our cultures and personalities in the most positive way possible.

Being able to have such a huge culture diversity inside our company is one of our biggest strengths, since we are dealing with all kinds of cultures in house, it is very easy for us to work with clients from ANY part of the world and accommodate to their needs without any problems.

Location, location, location…

As I have noticed so far, when Vox Teneo chooses the locations for their sister companies, there are multiple parameters are taken into consideration. Choosing the place where with the most resources, that would fit the financial targets, that would be most convenient for the employees and for the clients. So lucky for the team that went to Indonesia, there was one non-working day while our stay in Indonesia was in progress. So, with help from our colleagues in the Indonesia office we managed to sneak off to Bali for the weekend. This is just one example of the many,  many advantages that our employees get while working in Vox Teneo.


So, in the end… I am happy to say that I think we are a  great example of how a mix of many cultures is able to function together, employee wise and client wise at the same time. The presence of so many different cultures, allows us to be even more creative, even more dynamic and even more adjustable.
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