Drupal Meetup Skopje

By December 13th 2017 1:37 pm
Drupal Meetup Skopje

This Saturday, on the 16th of December the Drupal Community in Macedonia is organizing a Drupal Meetup Skopje. The event will take place in Ceed Hub. If you want to join, book a seat here (it’s free).

The plan of the organizers is to have an informal gathering, so people with experience and passion for technology can share ideas and knowledge. In the past year we have completed several complex Drupal 8 (D8) projects, hence our team feels confident and will be happy to share experience, to tell about the successes and difficulties we have been through.


The short story of Vox Teneo in Macedonia and Drupal


Vox Teneo is actively developing D8 web applications today.

The first office in Macedonia was established in 2014 in Skopje, there was high demand for Drupal developers within the group, maybe because of the fact that Drupal, just like Vox Teneo is founded in Belgium. As a result the initial team was formed around D7 projects. There were not many developers in Skopje working with the technology back than. In order to support the local community and raise awareness about the pros of the framework we have organized several events. First – two beginners lectures and bafter a sequence of gatherings in Kika hacklab together with iBorn.

Since we were using the CMS for free, we thought is especially relevant to pay back to the community. As a result dedicated the team part time to the Drupal Community. We were developing core features together with the team of Drupal Commerce – Commerce Guys. Along the way we have completed an interesting intranet solution for AG Real Estate.

We have today a larger portfolio of technologies and offices in Prilep and Bitola as well. In the late 2016 we started adopting D8 and using Twig (the engine used by D8) for D7. The team was super enthusiastic about the newly born D8 as you can see from Martin‘s tweet…




The topic we are most passionate about today is Continuous Delivery and DevOps.

We will be happy to meet you at the Drupal Meetup Skopje this Saturday and exchange knowledge and experience!