A French Guy in Indonesia

By August 8th 2016 10:12 am
Cedric article - Sailing


Cedric Pierrejean is running our Bandung office in Indonesia. He has started at Vox Teneo in 2015 and he hit the ground running. He is an experienced Project Manager but also skilled developer,valuable part of the team. Like every french, Cedric enjoys the good food and wine, and he loves traveling. He has fallen in love with Indonesia the first time he visited.  Here is his story: .


Early life

Cedric is originally from Toulouse, France, but throughout his lifetime he relocated and lived in a lot of different places. His work and his pursuit of new experiences got him from different cities in France, to living in the US for 7 years, and 1 and a half years in Hong Kong, China. He has a degree from IUP Miage in IT methodology applied to enterprise management. His adventurous spirit couldn’t allow him to stop looking for new challenges and opportunities, so he moved from city to city and from job to job, finally ending up in Indonesia.


Moving to Indonesia

While living and working in Hong Kong, Cedric traveled to Indonesia for his work and spent a lot of time there, slowly falling in love with the country. He was lucky enough to be given a great opportunity to live and work in Indonesia so he couldn’t miss the chance. Fearless and ready for a new adventure, Cedric decided to stay for a long term. He didn’t encounter almost any problems moving, it was just adjustments that he had to make because of the different culture and religion, that he quickly overcame and blended in immediately. He also met and married his wife in Indonesia so it was a big plus in his decision to settle there.


Getting to Vox Teneo

While working in Hong Kong, and traveling to Indonesia, Cedric made many connections and met a lot of people, including our co-founder Mr. Patrick Loge. He took the opportunity as soon as he could. Dedicated himself fully to his work and to Vox Teneo. He was accepted in the team quickly and believes in the people and their skills and devotion. Cedric is working hard to help Vox Teneo Indonesia grow and build something great.


Future plans

We cannot say that Indonesia tamed him but Cedric is determined to stay to live and work there. Settled and building a family in Indonesia, he is now looking to feed his adventurous spirit with the business opportunities that come along the way of Vox Teneo. He wants to continue building his family there as well as be successful in Vox Teneo. He is determined to make Vox Teneo a recognized and top notch company in Indonesia and develop the local market.