Girls vs Boys

By June 30th 2016 10:00 am
girls vs boys featured image

The topic of professional equality of sexes is frequently discussed. We decided to give away the statistic of our IT SME for those of you curious to know if  IT is a “men’s world”

We remember times when professions were separated in mens and womens. Now  it  is really uncommon to find a job that is done strictly by one gender. Equality between the sexes has been a great issue for many people since we can remember, so we wanted to look at the facts, and see what the numbers say, at least in our offices.  So, is there such a thing as a “guys job” or a “girl’s job”? Let’s see what the numbers say.

Vox Teneo right now has about 95 employees and the rate of M/F is about 70% to 30%.


This is just the rough chart that shows that there are a lot of female employees in our company but to go further down and see if there really is a thing like a “man’s job” we broke down the numbers of the employees by departments. Here is a table that will give you a rough idea of the numbers in % by departments.


The good news here is that we have at least one girl in every department, which is here to say the non of the activities is a “man’s job”.

Would you share the statistics of your IT company?