Mobile is the new sexy

By April 22nd 2015 3:35 pm
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Yesterday, Google changed its algorithm – and, for once, the main update has been announced officially: mobile-friendly websites will be favored if you do your research on a mobile device.

Google algorithm?

This algorithm is how Google decides the order of his results when someone types a research. Depending on the content of your website, its structure, etc., it will be considered more or less relevant.

And usually, it is secret. Google wants its result to reflect reality. They protect the information for the webmaster not to trick the system into increasing artificially the relevance of his website (the very essence of SEO).

Mobile results for mobile devices

This time, however, Google let people know that mobile-friendly devices would be showing up first when one makes a research on a mobile device. The point being to direct the user to websites which he will be able to browse on the device he is currently using.

Then again, mobile devices usage has been increasing exponentially those last few years. In the US, it even exceeded PC usage!

Vox Teneo goes mobile

Proposing to its clients a mobile version of their website or a responsive design was already part of Vox Teneo’s goals in 2014. The shift is visible: the vast majority of the website accessible to public produced by Vox Teneo are mobile-friendly.

You want your website to become mobile? We would be glad to help. Don’t hesitate to ask for a quote!