By November 20th 2017 11:49 am

This week, four Belgian entrepreneurs announced the birth of a new Belgian start-up: NeoConnect. The purpose of the platform is to ease communication between community members and facilitate local development. It allows easier connections and building interactive communities through projects, organisations and groups. The tool makes it possible to share the chain of supply and demand for skills, know-how, financing and thematic information.

An article on Brussels Express was published on the 14th of November 2017. It says that a Belgian start-up promises shake of local, regional and thematic communities around the world. The platform is “a digital tool that is both powerful and original” according Mr. François Dupont. He is CEO of Vox Teneo and co-founder of Neo Connect.


The development of the platform

The development of the platform was a challenging process, due to the complex logic of the application. Numerous inter dependencies had to be defined by the technical business analysts. This logic was transferred to the project management and development team, who came back with the corresponding solution. The application has a modular structure, hence it is easy to adapt and customize. The different elements aim to suit every community regardless subject or size.

The platform was fully developed on Drupal 8.