Objective Carbon 2050: a webtool by Vox Teneo!

By November 6th 2013 3:32 pm
Vox Teneo Team photo - Logo

Vox Teneo participated to the development of a webtool allowing to calculate the carbon emission depending on different levers’ evolution (industry, behavior, etc.). Five key scenarios are proposed to the users, who can also modify then to see the impact of each lever on the emissions’ evolution.

This tool, coded in Ruby on Rail, is mostly based on the UK model developed by the DECC. Responsive, it adapts dynamically the shown graphs to the values given to the levers and shows additional information on mouse over.

All the calculations are based on the information collected by Climact, among actors of the included sectors and others. Those results will be the starting point to elaborate the Belgian politics on carbon emission (federal and sub-federal levels). The tool will also be presented by Belgium to the other State European members during the future negotiations about the field (for example in Warsaw).

Vox Teneo is very proud to help to protect the climate of tomorrow!

If you want more information:: http://www.climat.be/2050/