The office life – For beginners

By September 29th 2016 3:57 pm

Prior to lending my first “office job” i had experience in multiple job positions and most of them involved some kind of physical activity. Getting from a “physical” job to desk in an office can be a big shock for someone, and I had that happen to me. Being used to almost always being on foot, and involved in communication with a lot of people, sitting behind a desk in a quiet office was a completely new experience for me. I was also one of those people that thought office jobs can’t be as demanding as physical jobs but at times i found myself going home from the office exhausted.

So I decided I have to take action and make some small changes in my working routine in order to better my working experience. So here are few of my tips that i used myself, to feel more comfortable and be more productive while at work.

(disclaimer: only use this if your office allows it)

  1. Personalize your working environment.

Sure you were given a desk and the needed equipment when you started your new job, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep it sterile and boring. Changing a simple thing like your desktop background can bring you small joy, but why stop there? Don’t be afraid to go further in the customization of your working environment. Bring your favorite small toy to work and keep it on your desk. Get a small plant and nurture it right there in your office. Go as far as you can with the customization of your personal working space, so every time you come to work and see that cool desk of yours, it will make you smile and make you get by your day with ease.




  1. Have something to challenge your mind other than your work.

You will often find yourself stuck on something and it seems like you can’t find the solution no matter what you try. In this situation I recommend getting your mind on something challenging but in a different way. I personally mostly like the Rubic’s cube, but whatever floats your boat is just fine. Do a puzzle, a crossword, play a mini-game, you can do literally anything that will get your focus on for a short while on another thing aside from your work, helping you reset your thoughts and continue with work with fresh thoughts. This “technique” has helped me on many occasions just block out everything for 5-10 minutes and starting over again.

Rubic's cube office desk


  1. Listen to music

There is nothing that relaxes me more than a good tune. Put on your headset and isolate yourself from the surroundings. With my job in particular being more creative work and writing, you can easily get distracted and taken away from your element. Don’t limit yourself to listening just one genre of music, experiment till you find what soothes you the most in the moment and for the job you have.


Headphones office desk


  1. Take short breaks

Don’t be afraid to the get out of your chair and take a breather. No one can sit in one place for 8 hours at a time and stare at a screen. Whenever you feel the need to get up and take a small break, feel free to do so. As previously mentioned, office work can be tiring and exhausting so take some time for yourself. It will surely increase your productivity and make you feel more relaxed.


Marjan's Mug office desk


  1. Set goals and reward yourself

You just finished a big task that you spend countless hours on? Reward yourself! Set a goal that you want to achieve on a daily basis and reward yourself for completion. But be strict with yourself! No rewards until the job is done, and if you feel adventurous you can even set punishments for yourself. No coffee, no cigarette, no break until the goal you set is met.


To Do List office desk


These five simple things have helped me a lot in adjusting in my new working environment. Relief yourself from stress and make your working space cosier and cooler. You will have no trouble getting through your work day with ease.