OVH World Tour was a success!

By May 28th 2015 11:47 am
Presentation attended by Vox Teneo


The OVH World Tour of Bruxelles was a success. Lots of exchanges, lots of meetings, and a very interesting presentation by Vox Teneo about the OTAKeys project.


The scope of this recent, revolutionary project is to make disappear our car keys from our pockets – and to ease the vehicles sharing.

Indeed, OTAKeys developed a box connecting to the car’s OBD bus: the Keyzeebox. Through a smartphone app, the users has a virtual key. Which allows him to book, open, start, stop the car, then give it back.

The companies hence can give access to all their cars to all their collaborators!


Vox Teneo sometimes helped OTAKey’s developerse but mostly takes care of the hosting and infrastructure outsourcing, in OVH.

Such a project has pretty specific needs:

  • High availability (critical application)
  • Peak load resistance (300k cars managed within 2 years)
  • Secure infrastructure (pirating the system would give access to the cars!)

Vox Teneo put in place solutions meeting those needs.




In addition to this project’s presentation, Vox Teneo could present its activities on a dedicated stand. A true success!

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