Party Like You Are In Macedonia

By January 11th 2017 3:19 pm

Photos from the New Year Party in Che Bar in Skopje

Vox Teneo puts a big emphasis on the people. Offering the employees flexible working hours, chance to learn, investing in trainings and traveling between the offices in Belgium, Indonesia and Macedonia is a regular practice. But not only their progress and professional improvement is important. Culture and the spirit in the company is what really makes a difference.

Tanya Tanevska – Director East Europe, Slavica Grkovska – Local HR Manager

Belgium, Indonesia and Macedonia  have different cultures and different people. When traveling, the teams are involved in not only work related activities.We use the free time to check out the local sights and scenes, taste the local food and drinks, get to know the tradition and culture. So, for example if you go to Belgium you have to try the Belgian chocolate and the famous Belgian beers, if you go to Indonesia, you can’t miss Bali and the Volcanoes, If you haven’t tried Ajvar and Rakia, and haven’t gone out partying, it’s like you haven’t been to Macedonia…

From left to right: Vladimir, Aleksandar, Martin, Tanya, Jane, Igor P., Igor S., Slavica, Martina, Ljiljana, Ivana

Macedonians, being warm and welcoming people will never leave you hungry or thirsty and will make sure you have a real good time.

There was one such occasion recently where two of our colleagues from Belgium were visiting our office in Macedonia. Of course, these exchanges are mainly aimed at sharing knowledge and experiences, and working together on the spot, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun after working hours.

So we go back to the title… What does it mean? I can tell you my personal experience with these parties as a host, but I found out that the guests have a completely different vision of the things going on. For example, when we go out we like changing many different locations and meet as many people as possible. Being the softies we usually are, we easily make friends, and by our side, you are sure to make some as well.

From “kafana” to a pub, from a bar to a club, the chances are huge that you will visit more than 5 places in one single night. And make a friend or two in every single one of them. Making friends here is easy. In every single place you go into, you can easily find someone to talk to or share a conversation with. You are never alone in Macedonia. You will be welcomed and treated like the long lost sibling of the family.

From left to right: Martin, Luc, Stavros, Tanya, Blagoja, Eva, Dime, Elena, Slavica, Ljiljana

Another specific thing about Macedonians is that we are usually really loud. Especially after a few dinks :P. And if the song “hits us”… Oh boy… Be prepared to be yelled at (what we think is singing), hugged, kissed, respected, invited in our home, cursed (you better put up those hands and look like you have a good time), hugged again, someone is buying you a drink and toasts are going all around. So I can see how some people can find that overwhelming and even scary. But don’t worry, it’s all in good spirit and in the name of having fun.

From left to right: Selvir, Manuel, Blashko, Goce, ALeksandar, Mihail, Blagoja, Filip.

So what does “Party like you are in Macedonia” mean? Go out, have fun, meet new people, make new friends, drink, visit 4 clubs in one night after going to a “Kafana”, sing, dance, yell at someone, love everyone, party till dawn , and have that “that-was-an-awesome-night” feeling and want to do it all over again the next night.

If you ever get the chance visit Macedonia, don’t hesitate! Go and have a blast! You won’t regret it.

From left to right: Arijan, Zoran, Ljiljana, Vanya, Manon, Slavica