By October 9th 2018 11:51 am

Musicians behold! We present to you our project – Popscord!

The application was just released live on the App Store



Popscord is an application that can help you in practice and playing an instrument, and it is aimed for experienced to beginners musicians out there.
The library of the app is very consistent, so we offer lot of scores and related audio files coming for true registered orchestra recorded in the facilities of Fames (owned by Popscord CEO)
The amazing thing of the app is that we synchronized midi – xml & audio files so to follow the progress of the music visually with a cursor all along the score.
Each score can be divided by instrument so that, for the practice part, you can decide to learn your own instrument of a multiple instrument score, and also hear the other instruments as the audio, as if you were in a concert.
The app also allows you to customize your parts by adding / detetings slurs, fingerings, dynamics or simply annotate on the Ipad.
The application is based on Xamarin, iOS and .net for the back office administration of the app.
For now it is only for the iOS users but a release for Android is also planned for the future.You can find out more about Popscord here, or go the the App Store and check it out yourself!