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Cremagest is an integrated managing system specifically developed by Vox Teneo for crematoriums.

Three reasons to choose Cremagest

An integrated system

  • Guarantees an harmonization of all dates (ceremonies, legal obligations, cafeteria, finances)
  • Supresses double encoding
  • Decreases the workload and errors

A web solution

  • A permanent access to the service, even from mobiles
  • Supresses peek days and hours
  • Decreases stress and errors
  • Improve users’ satisfaction

Online services

  • Data consulting
  • Listening of available music
  • Decrease of modification requests


  • Full and integrated crematorium management software
  • Online management of the ceremonies’ registration
  • Management of the datas associates to cremations
  • Compliance with legal obligations
  • Extranet access for funeral
  • Online Services data retrieval, hearing music available, etc.
  • Real-time display of ceremonies
  • Immediate billing
  • Multilingual application
  • Modular software, configurable and adaptable to your needs
  • Integration with your existing environment (accounting, ERP…)
  • Warranty support and maintenance


  • Data management cremations
  • Reservation Form and planning cremations, cafeteria and rooms
  • Tracking coffins
  • Rooms management
  • Managing customer orders and suppliers cafeteria
  • Cash management module
  • Billing module
  • Real-time ceremonies and display rooms
  • Sitemap and visits management
  • RH management

Needing more information about Cremagest?

Go on, Vox Teneo website dedicated to Cremagest.

You are not a crematorium but you would like your own tailor-made application?

Vox Teneo develops tailor-made applications : don’t hesitate to contact us !

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