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Django is a Python framework allowing the integration of a content management system (CMS) on a website. OpenSource, it doesn’t require any license to be used nor for its code to be modified to meet your needs.

Based on a growing community, it is used by governmental organizations like Nasa or the Washington Times. Simple and clean, it is the “Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines“. Indeed, it was created to increase the developments efficiency as much as possible while keeping a clean, structured code.

Why Django?

In addition to the fact that Django is OpenSource, five major points are in this framework’s favor:

  • Fast: efficiency is one of the major plus. Django was thought to create whatever web application you need as fast as possible
  • Fully loaded: it includes a lot of solution by itself (user authentification, content administration, RSS feeds, etc.)
  • Secure: Django also integrates all needed tools to provide the best security for your website
  • Scalable: developed to be flexible toward traffic demands
  • Versatile: and this is the major point: Django is flexible enough to be used for a website or any other type of web application one might need

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