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.Net is a partially open source freeware software framework developed by Microsoft.

Why .Net?

Seven specific points form .Net biggest strengths:

  • Interoperability: .Net is be able to make the old and the new interact, not to lose what was built in the past
  • Language independence: .Net supports the exchanges of types and objects with any .Net libraries and applications
  • Portability: .Net proposes cross-platform integration which makes it easy to implement on operating systems outside Microsoft Windows
  • Security: .Net possess its own security mechanism (including Code Access Security and validation & verification)
  • Memory management: .Net proposes its own tools of memory management in order to allocate it and free it whenever the scripts are done
  • Simplified deployment: .Net also has specific tools to help manage the installation of computer software
  • Performance: thanks to .Net cache, the application launches faster after the very first launch. Other tools also improve performance

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