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Prestashop is an OpenSource e-business platform. Being a CMS, it allows you to manage your products and to sell them online. Moreover, it includes sales management, statistics about the users’ behaviours (a great tool to improve your SEO) and multilingualism.

Why Prestashop?

The homepage can include a slider, show the latest products added on the website or the latest product the user bought. Prestashop’s design is flexible and shows directly what you want to your clients: the products you want to sell.

The category system gives you a good visibility on your products. In addition to the catalog and product pages, all other pages are also manageable through the administration panel. You don’t want to sell your products online just yet? Prestashop proposes a catalog mode!

Moreover, Prestashop being OpenSource, it’s free and customizable. We can adapt the existing tools to your needs and develop new ones.

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