The real power: human being

By April 25th 2018 11:48 am

Vox Teneo, today, consists of more than 100 employees and as many skills, in 4 countries.

Our value is not based on machines, neither on products nor on equipment. The core of Vox Teneo, its strengths are the people.


The core of Vox Teneo, its strengths are the people.


In its core our business is knowledge, creativity and ingenuity. The point is to combine those individual qualities and skills into a coordinated system, where everyone finds his or her place.

This is the real challenge.

To meet this challenge, I believe in “collaborative leadership” and not in “management”.

“Collaborative leadership” is the innovative concept of “horizontal management”. This horizontal structure consists of considering the manager’s role as a facilitator who accompanies the team. The leader listens, supports and does not command.


The leader listens, supports and does not command.


This model is in opposition to the traditional, vertical structure of companies. This traditional hierarchical organization is a source of division and frustration. Especially for new generations, eager for initiatives and flexibility where everyone’s wish is to become an actor of a collective success.

For customers, the horizontal structure offers the advantage of responsiveness and commitment to the result. Two requirements that have become essential today.

However, to promote at each level initiative, creativity, the courage to propose, at every level, one cannot only listen to managers. We have to provide everyone with the chance to take the place that one deserves.

In “meritocracy”, one is recognized for the value that one brings.

It goes without saying that some responsibility sharing must be predefined. The people in charge are less “managers” and more “leaders” who channel and organize. They should be the ones listening to each and employee’s ideas.



This form of collaboration requires intense and transparent communication, and can sometimes be a source of frustration or a misunderstanding.
This collaborative leadership is based on the permanent exchange of different, geographically distant points of view. Exchanges that, to remain effective, must quickly lead to consensus.

Meritocracy requires investment. One who is not proactive, who wishes to be only “present” without contribution to the project may not find one’s place.
The value of effort and commitment is a prerequisite.


One who is not proactive, who wishes to be only present without contribution to the project may not find one’s place.


Humanity comes first for the team and our collaborators, but also for our customers, partners and associates.

All our meetings are opportunities to succeed in a new challenge, in a new project.
While many of our collaborations have led to some fabulous successes, some have also been a source of great disappointment … due to disproportionate hopes? lack of discernment? or naive trust?

In 16 years, Vox Teneo has grown from its successes and especially from its failures but we will not change our course of action: we will continue to offer our trust, our potential, without concession because in our opinion, this is the only way, humanely committed, to carry out challenges impossible to achieve alone.