Running for balance

By May 23rd 2018 9:42 am


I have always run but not as often and intensely as today. I started to run long distances two years after the birth of my third child in September 2015. With 3 kids born close to each other, intense and tiring days, I felt the need to find back the good balance between private and professional life, to find moments for myself, to decompress. If at the beginning, I ran once a week, today, I run 2 to 3 times a week following the family organization.


A bit more than a year ago, I started running trails. Those races are more intense and more challenging.


If at the beginning, running allowed me get back in shape after my 3 pregnancies, it brings me today much more than that. Combining work and private life is not easy, sometimes it brings stress and fatigue.  With my current position at Vox Teneo as responsible for the Finance, sport is for me beneficial to the body and the mind, to the good every day balance.

My days are fully occupied, I have to be very concentrated on what I do.


By running, I have free spirit, I can think calmly, and think back on what happened during the day. I feel positive and relaxed. I also develop motivation, I set goals. These goals can also help me and move me forward in my family live and in my professional lives.

I see sport and more specifically running as a source of positive energy in life, which allows me to cope with the daily challenges, to relativize and move more serenely in my projects.

With this article I would like to encourage the Vox Teneo team that will participate at the Brussels 20km this weekend. I will not participate this year since I will be for the weekend in the south of the country. I will still have the opportunity to run my first 30km trail.