Brand Activation

You create a new brand? Or you want to activate an old one? You need a new design for your logo or marketing advice? Brand activation regroups all the marketing tools which will make your brand known.

Specialist of the web and its strategies, Vox Teneo knows all the necessary solutions to diffuse information and give it visibility. To do so, we analyze your target audience to choose the adapted medias: news, social networks, but also digital signage or more traditional prints.

Web medias

Brand activation can make use of the web and its media. However, the web has a specific public and specific expectations. One person won’t read the same way on the web, won’t give his attention to the same things. Moreover, the public itself isn’t the same: on the web, you have a specific audience.

And, in addition, the propagation isn’t the same within the web than with more traditional medias. With Web 3.0 we are in immediate sharing, the relinking within social networks on a clic. It is an uninterrupted wave of activity.

Vox Teneo regroups web specialists. We will be able to give advice about the use of social networks but also how to write your content to keep your users on your website. Or, of course, how to improve your SEO.


Vox Teneo proposes the installation of an emailing platform adapted to your needs, but also the creation of a specific email template. You will be able to follow your statistics in real time and measure the impact of your campaigns.


A newsletter is a regularly distributed publication sent by email to a specific list of users. Usually, those users subscribed to the newsletter on your website, but they can also have been included through marketing campaigns or social networks.

This publication, and says its name, send news from your business. They are regular but can be send once a year or as often as once a week, depending on your target audience.

It is an easy and well known way to stay in touch with your clients or members and to send them regular information update.

Emailing campaigns

Close to the newsletter, emailing campaigns usually target more leads than current members, even though it can include them. The point here isn’t a regular information update but a specific marketing campaign. It can be done regularly for brand activation purposes or can be used only on specific main events, such as a conference or a contest.

Marketing advice

Of course, Vox Teneo doesn’t offer only technical support for the creation of your emailing tools. Web specialists, we also propose marketing advice for brand activation but also for design, social networks, and much more!

Social networks

Nowadays, social networks are an increasing component of the web. Everybody is part of at least one of them. They are the key of new advertising and of SEO. However, there’s a good way to use them, and each of them is targeted to a specific public.

Vox Teneo is there to help you using them, to increase your SEO and to activate your brand.

Social networks’ targets and specificities

As previously said, each social network has its own publics and its own specificities.

  • LinkedIn would target professional networks. You have your curriculum vitae online, you are part of a specific company, with a history of your previous professions
  • Facebook is more generic, allowing the publication of long posts with photos
  • Twitter, as generic as Facebook, has a shorter content but with quick and up-to-date interactions
  • Google+ has less users but is more an more important for SEO. Its content will be very similar to Facebook’s
  • Youtube, both social network and search engine, is centered on videos. It’s the second search engine after Google!

Integration of the social networks within your website

Tools can be implemented to update automatically your news coming from your website within social networks. It can also be done from one social network to others. And, of course, from a social network to your website…

This possibility decreases the time you spend on writing the content while increasing your impact. Indeed, today, people want the information to come to them. They don’t want to look after it… And on social networks, unlike with newsletters, are not felt like an invasion. People won’t feel bothered by the information you send.

Communication strategy

For each social network, a specific strategy can be decided. Vox Teneo can accompany your through them, help you understanding them. We can also propose you tools to follow the evolution of your social networks and to generate statistics.

A specific design

Most social networks are at least a bit customizable. For the users, it means a lot to recognize your visuals even on social networks. Vox Teneo’s specialists can help you to impose your style on each of them.

Marketing campaign

If you’re used to the different tools and technics but still feel the need of advice for a specific campaign, Vox Teneo is there. We can help you to organize a bigger audience in social networks, to advertise your brand.


Free referencing, also known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), means to optimize a website structure and content in order to improve is visibility on the Web.

It regroups “natural” referencing, or a website capacity to be in the first results of Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo for specific keywords.

SEO on your website

Vox Teneo gives you tools in order to improve your SEO. It starts with URL rewriting (matching the URL of your pages to their content). It goes through specific tools and/or plugins allowing you to improve yourself your SEO in the administration panel of your website. And, of course, it can include statistics which allows you to analyse your users and their behaviour.

SEO consulting

In addition to giving you tools, Vox Teneo also propose consulting on SEO. We analyze your website (whether we developed it ourselves or not) and give you advises on how to improve it.

The SEO consulting mission can either stop to the analysis or continue with an accompaniment through the accomplishment of the advice given.

This SEO consulting mission can hence include several steps:

  • Finding out which specific keywords match your website
  • Analysis of the concurrent
  • Inventory on your current SEO state
  • Proposition of a strategy in several steps to apply and the mean to carry it on
  • Stating the SEO strategy starting with your website
  • Finding partners with other websites
  • Including Social Networks and directories

Other medias

Of course, web only won’t be enough for brand activation. You will need much more.

A logo is present everywhere. A graphic guideline gives a specific feeling to your brand. A good slogan is both catchy and understandable, resuming your activities in a few words.

We can advise you on print campaigns as well as digital ones, using audiovisual medias outside the web. We design your business cards, your ads posters, flyers, and much more, fitting your guidelines, which we help creating.