Manageable Website (CMS)

Content Management Systems (or CMS) are solutions allowing you to manage dynamic websites without having technical knowledge. We develop and customize the website for you. Then, you can update the content yourself through the administration panel: news, pages, menus, and much more!

Vox Teneo uses CMS with an intuitive interface designed for non-technicians. Websites or blogs can be based on Drupal, WordPress, DjangoCMS or Umbraco. For e-commerces, we use Drupal Commerce or Prestashop.

However, CMS like Drupal, WordPress and other are only basis. Before choosing a product, we listen to you, to understand your business and your needs. We give you the necessary advice on choosing a technology to meet them. Only then we develop the website and customize it for you.

And afterward, you become fully independent!

The products offered

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