Design start when you think about your company name, then follows you at each step of your company’s development. For all those steps, Vox Teneo is there to create visuals linked to your business.

General Design

The logo of a company must represent its earth. It can be its core business, its values, its name. But it always has a deep meaning, linked to your company’s history and purpose. Vox Teneo designers can create a logo for starters or adapt old logos to last tendances. They will advise you and adapt your logo to all supports, from email to postcards.

But the visuals of a company don’t stop at its logo. Graphic guidelines or graphic charts will help your company to develop its own feeling. They will define the company looks.

Web Design

Specialists in web communication, Vox Teneo designers are experts in web design. They create beautiful websites. But, most importantly, they create structured, ergonomic websites with call to actions fitting your needs. They will take into account your target audience to fit their understanding of the Internet.

You want your website to go mobile? Our designers will create a specific design to make it responsive.

Moreover, web design doesn’t stop at websites. Specific templates for your newsletters, banners for your social networks… Vox Teneo can provide a full set for your company.


Be present on the Web is important, but never enough. Vox Teneo offers a full range of visuals for prints. They include business cards, flyers, posters but also pens, stickers, etc. all matching your company’s guidelines.


Vox Teneo proposes a full range of audiovisual products, from digital signage to 3D, including animations (in Flash, CSS3 or jquery) and video editing.