Infra & Hosting

Infra and Hosting by vox

For more than 10 years, Vox Teneo has been investing a lot of energy to master several technologies and integrated development methods: it is DevOps.

Vox Teneo already manages the infrastructure of lots of companies and has a team dedicated to several services: Linux virtual servers, Windows, databases, your application monitoring, support to your IT team… We give you a customized infrastructure and manage the technical point of view so you can focus on your business.

  • Environment security management.
  • Monitoring 24/7.
  • Service Level Agreement.
  • Backups.
  • Advice on optimisation.
  • Server technical management.
  • Updates.

It’s your choice!



Vox Teneo differs from most suppliers by its capacity to adapt to your application, to your teams. A classical web host gives you access to its servers and leave you to be a number among thousands.

At Vox Teneo, you can request help from our Project manager, our developers, our IT team depending on the evolution of your activity. We think together about the best solutions we could use.

But DevOps is more than just giving you access to some machines! We propose continuous integration, SLA, monitoring, version management, test environments tools…