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An e-commerce is a commerce online, a website selling your products on the web. Vox Teneo proposes several CMS platforms specifically created to manage your own e-commerce. We analyze your needs and adapt the CMS to them, including a specific design.

Sell more and sell better

The trend is there, real and irreversible: e-commerce is on a roll. Not only because it is in fashion, but mainly because it makes life easier for everyone, whatever the products being sold. Very few businesses reject the idea of buying what they need on the Internet. It’s only logical. They have everything to gain: minimum costs, timesaving and simplified administration.

Secure, ergonomic and user-friendly

E-commerce is still not easy. Mainly because customers are still confronted with technical problems and security loopholes. The e-commerce sites Vox Teneo created are secure and immune to all threats, but they are also ergonomic and user-friendly.

For the administration also, the tools provided are easy to learn and to use. From page text to product categories, the administrator is able to manage all the website content.

Your needs are our starting point

Vox Teneo’s starting point is the aims and objectives of the e-commerce site. The technology comes later. Its purpose is to make the sales site as ergonomic as possible. And as all e-commerce projects are designed to fit the company’s philosophy, they will always be tailored to the client’s needs and expectations.

The products offered

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