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intranet and extranet and ERP by vox

Intranet and Extranet are in-between websites and web applications. They are mainly used by companies to diffuse and manage information among the employees.

Intranets are closed to outside access, only opened to a company’s employees. Often, they are accessible only within a single place: the workplace. Extranets have the same purpose but can include business partners or customers. They are sometimes available on the Internet with a password connection.

The many uses of an Intranet

An Intranet main purpose is to diffuse information within the company. From management to employees, from employees to management and between employees. Their structure will depend of the organization of the company.

They can include:

  • Platforms to exchange information directly (wiki, forums…)
  • Links to relevant documentation or websites
  • Information about the company (addresses, phone numbers, charts…)

Vox Teneo already developed several Intranets to match the need of specific companies. The tools included will differ each time. We adapt our work to the company’s specificities and requirements.

Additional features with an Extranet

When some of the Intranet is opened to someone outside the company, it becomes an Extranet. The main purpose stays the same: to share information. However, the targets are different: extranets can include business partners, members or even clients.

This opening can be made for business or educational purposes. Their scopes and types are as flexible as Intranet and, as always, Vox Teneo fits them to your company’s needs.

Even more with the ERP

An Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a system integrating internal and external management of information across an entire company. They allow you to centralize your information, to manage it, and to facilitate information flow between all your employees.

It can include:

  • Finance and accountability
  • Manufacturing, including stocks, transports, etc.
  • Sales, including purchases, prices, customer relationship management (CRM), etc.
  • Marketing
  • Internal communication (calendar of events, chats, messaging, wiki)
  • HR: timesheets, HR management, employees expenses…
  • Workflow management
  • Project management
  • Business intelligence system
  • And much more!

An ERP centralize the information and hence, they make your company more efficient. Since Vox Teneo customizes the ERP to your company specific needs, it is adapted to your workflow and to your users.

Most ERPs are indeed modular, meaning they won’t integrate the tools you don’t need. You don’t sell products? We drop the sales module. You’re only ten in your company? Perhaps you don’t need the internal communication tools. In order to fit the tool to your company, Vox Teneo will analyze your workflow and your needs.

The products offered

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