Mobile Applications

mobile app image vox teneo

Blackberry opened the door, the iPhone changed everything, Android finished democratizing the smartphone technology, then the tablet. Now, mobile is an essential channel of distribution.

Manufacturers are working hard to occupy the market, which several consequences. Among other, the platform multiplications: IPod, Android, Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, Microsoft, tablets, smartphones… They operate on different standards, languages, formats, and represent a true technical challenge.

Vox Teneo has invested in research and development to create specific web applications to match your needs. If mobile, they can either be a continuation of your website (responsive design) or a native application developed for a specific scope.

Mobile web applications

The mobile web application is a continuation of a traditional web application. You go online using either your smartphone, tablet or computer, and the design adapt to the device. This flexible design maximize the capabilities of the web browser embedded in your mobile.

We usually talk about responsive design.

Social network

Social networks can be used with both the previous types of technologies. However, features specific to social networks must be added, specific to each network. Flickr Gold MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, OpenSocial, Yahoo, etc. fit perfectly.

Native application

An application is “native” when it is created for a specific mobile device. We can propose an application thought only for tablets or only for smartphones. The advantage is to exploit all the features of the device: camera, GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, tablet, etc.

Those applications are more complex to implement because each device has its own software. However, Vox Teneo uses solutions deploying the same code on several phones/tablet at the same time.

3D & Gaming

A specific native application: 3D and Gaming. Vox Teneo uses Unity3D for the development of 3D games & tools.