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Project Management & Business Analysis

Need an experienced IT hand to manage your team and keep your targets on track? VOX has a vast network of project managers and analysts at its disposal to guide your small or ambitious IT project.

Whether you need a scrum master, program manager, enterprise architect or business analyst, you can count on your consultant to give personalised advice and customized solutions.

Software Design & Development

Want to improve your service with a custom application or new software? VOX can staff junior & senior architects, developers, applications engineers and analysts to realize your digital dream.

No matter your coding language, our consultants work fluently with any type of technology thanks to their extensive programming knowledge: from Java, .NET and mainframe to Python and more.

The result? No more sluggish systems and outdated programs, but an efficient business solution that’s easy to use for your target group.

Testing & Quality Assurance

Is your software ready for launch? VOX has the in-house expertise to make sure your software runs smoothly and does precisely what you want it to do. No automation is involved in the process, because we believe in the added value of a human touch. Your product will be manually checked by our experienced IT testers, all the way from software testing to user acceptance testing.

Take your software to the next level with their critical gaze!

IT Security & Risk Management

Do you want your IT network to stay safe? Say no more! VOX can enlist the help of security experts for the desired security and risk management.

First, we gather data on the safety of your infrastructure, so we can design and implement an air-tight security plan.

Finally, we monitor your IT network’s security and check for blind spots or vulnerabilities. And there you go, your business can now grow carefree and fully secure.

Infrastructure & Operations

Want to make sure your IT infrastructure is healthy and reliable? Enlist the help of our experts to monitor your servers and expand your network.

Faced with a particular technical issue? Rely on our helpdesk to support you in no time. Want to transfer your operations to the cloud or optimise your entire infrastructure?

VOX can staff experts to apply their knowledge to your business. Whatever your worry, your consultant will turn that frown upside down.

Business & Infrastructure Support

Do you need long-term technical support for your successful IT project? VOX has got your back!

Our support consultants join your team to provide comprehensive technical assistance to your business, from fixing urgent bugs to managing your business equipment.

Go for technical stability with the guidance of professional IT consultants.

Browse our <strong>skills and services</strong>
Whether to have a coffee, share experiences, play ping-pong, or participate in a strategy workshop, our teams meet and work together in a dynamic and supportive atmosphere.

Whether to have a coffee, share experiences, play ping-pong, or participate in a strategy workshop, our teams meet and work together in a dynamic and supportive atmosphere.

We match your business with the right talent  

At VOX we go to great lengths to find experienced and passionate consultants to support your business. By choosing our staffing services, your A-team has their hands free to take up the next big project. Meanwhile, your new Voxie consultant can take the lead in a side project, just long enough for you to find a permanent employee to strengthen the team. Or perhaps you’re looking for a long-term consultant to outsource a specific task? Whatever your needs, with a Voxie consultant there’s no time wasted or training of new employees. Your IT worries are cared for by expert hands.

<strong>We match your business</strong> with the right talent
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Want to be part of the VOX team?

Want to be part of the VOX team?

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