Success Story – Kusumahari & Haryo

By April 19th 2018 11:42 am

We are always on the lookout for new talents that can join our team in Indonesia, even though we don’t have an ongoing internship program. At the end of 2017, we recruited 2 new PHP developers that are today an important part of our team. The success of those recruitments though is to big extend grace to our thorough recruitments process.

In Indonesia we do not have any difficulty finding candidates. The hardest part is finding the eligible ones. Usually, when we publish our open positions, we receive hundreds of applications, and the most time consuming part is the selection process that goes in three stages.


Stage one: preselection

In the first stage, we screen the resumes. Usually it takes at least a few days, because we receive hundreds of resumes.


Stage two: selection process

In the second stage, we send the qualified candidates 3 tests. Technical self assessment, psychological test and an English test.

  • Self Assessment Test. The technical self assessment is intended to evaluate the candidates’ skills, but it also gives valuable information about how the candidate sees himself.
  • Psychological test. The psychological test is intended to find out if the candidate fits the company culture and the team.
  • English test. We need an English test as we are a global company and the official working language is English.

This second stage is convenient because the candidates can do the three tests remotely.


Stage three: final evaluation

The third stage consists of a technical test and an interview session.

  • Technical test. The technical test takes at least 4 hours to complete a practical exercise.
  • Interview session. During the interview session we check the test to find out if we have a match with the candidate. For us, it is important. We want the candidates to be our best fit and us to be the best fit for them.



Kusumahari and Haryo

Back to our 2 new PHP guys. They are Kusumahari Hadison and Haryo Adi Nugroho. They passed all the stages and were welcomed to our team. Kusumahari is sociable, he easily adapted to our culture and manners. Since he joined, we’ve been playing futsal together, laughed together, and coded together. Besides his social side, his technical skills are awesome too.  On the other side, Haryo is a technical person and his technical skills and his potential are well appreciated. In the short period he has been here, he has already started giving technical trainings to the other members of the team. He loves technology, discovering new tools and methods. It is awesome to have them both in house, because they are the missing pieces that complete our team.

This year, both of them became permanent employees. We are grateful for their work and contribution. According to Kusumhari, one of the biggest advantages at Vox Teneo are the comfortable working conditions.. He feels that the teamwork and the communication between the team members are exceptionally good. At Vox Teneo we share knowledge and help each other. According to, Kusumahari his team leader is very helpful and coordinates every tasks in a good way, he sees also that his team leader leads responsibly. To Haryo, our biggest plus is the organization in  the company. His targets are clear, the tools he uses fit him very well and he can see every step of his tasks clearly. “The workflow is more comfortable than in any other place I have ever worked”, he says.

We hope the happiness will not stop there, but we can help them to grow both technically and personally. That is our mission.