Success Story – Loïc and Denis

By March 2nd 2018 2:18 pm

In continuation to our latest post about our internship program in Macedonia, we are focussing today on our previous interns in Belgium. Indeed, Vox Teneo Belgium also has an internship program. Denis and Loïc’s success story is a good example for it. They both started working for Vox Teneo in January 2017. They were completing their studies in Computer Engineering which they both successfully finished, earning their Bachelors Degrees. at the time They were Java oriented but switched to .Net during the last year of their studies after a school project and the internship at Vox Teneo.

To complete their Bachelor’s Degree, they had to follow a compulsory internship of 3-4 months. The aim of the internship was to apply and develop the skills learned throughout their studies. Denis and Loïc heard about Vox Teneo through one of their teachers. Denis then applied for an internship at Vox Teneo and considering his first and positive interview he mentioned it to his long time bestfriend: Loïc

After going through the HR interview and the technical test, they were both accepted for theinternship.

In January 2017 they joined a 4-person .Net team in Belgium in coordination with different Indonesian co-workers. During the time-period of their internship they worked and focused on a new Belgian project. It was the opportunity for them to develop and learn different working methods and skills: Agile method, prioritization, working in English, project architecture,Entity Framework.


After their internship, at the end of June, they went back to their university to present and defend their thesis. The paper’s subject was presenting Vox Teneo and analysing the client’s needs. They also analysed the technical side of the project and explained in details the tasks they were in charge of during the internship.

They later came back and officially joined the Vox Teneo team during the summer of 2017. This time they worked with another smaller team. They were in charge of more than 10 projects compared to one during the training. The team was first -located in Belgium only, but later, they were joined by a few Macedonian colleagues. Since thatsummer they have been receiving more responsibilities and have had to face challenges but were shown more freedom and autonomy. They also worked through their first deployment.

As of January 2018, so one year later, Denis changed teams and now works on other projects in a 2-person team.

Denis and Loïc are both grateful to Vox Teneo for showing trust in them and officiating the hard work from their internship into providing them a permanent contract. They are grateful for their team members who have lead them and taught them what they needed to complete their training. It is for both of them their first job and we can say they fit well in the company’s young spirit.

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