Team Building Futsal

By August 8th 2016 10:34 am
Team Building Futsal - Start

The comfortable office is the one thing that gives good facility to the employees.

It’s not just facility like desks and chairs that makes the job easier, but also make every activity easier to do and improve the employee’s performance.

If an office is just a serious place to work, then the people will feel under pressure, which can lead to unhealthy ambiance for work and the under performance of each person. The comfortable office is not just a place to work, but also give support to the people to be better and healthier. How? Doing sports together of course. Could be gymnastic? Badminton? Boxing? Could be anything.

And us, in Vox Teneo Asia also think about this kind of activity. So we chose to play futsal.


Why futsal?

Because it’s a kind of sport that builds and improves teamwork, and since most of the people that work in Vox Teneo Asia are men, we had enough to divided them into two teams. (five people each).

The team sports grow the spirit of teamwork. The main goal is “team building”. How? As we know, in futsal there’s a keeper, there’s a striker, and defend. And all that positions have important roles. There’s nobody higher or lower, they all have to do the best they can to be the winning team.

If we see further, the winning team usually is not the team with the best players, but the team that has a good teamwork. Beside that, in this sport, scoring a “goal” is the main purpose of the game. If they score, the team gets excited and gets energy and spirit boost, and we can see the spirits are different between the two teams.


Overall, this sport is not just healthy, but also has other advantages for the people for the internal teamwork between them. That’s why all the people are very excited about this positive activity. This activity is really to build the teamwork.


They start to organize it themselves. They book the soccer field in the after hours. Because they finish at 6pm, they go to futsal from 7pm to 8pm. Is one hour enough? Well, it is.

They go for futsal regularly every Monday at 7pm, in a soccer field in Bandung. They choose this place because it’s quite close to the office, so everybody can go there easily.

So far, it’s been going on for a month, and everybody loves it.

And it’s proved, after we started doing this activity, the people became closer, and the work performance is increasing. Hope that we can keep it going, for better Vox Teneo.