Denis Muyldermans


Founder, Belgium

Welcome to the profile of one of the 3 founders, share-holders and Managing Partners of Vox Teneo. Denis succeeds at combining his professional and family life.

As Civil Engineer, his first ever major project was the construction of a bridge! His affinity for IT led him analysis and development. Beyond his role as analyst and manager, you can always rely on him to help out on any ‘odd job’ that may be required at Vox Teneo.

Denis sees Vox Teneo as a company which presents its daily challenges and which in turn generates the energy to drive constant progress, while remaining in control of the clients’ projects. Quite an ambition!

On the leisure front, Denis enjoys travelling and spends a fair amount of time working in his country house in the Ardennes. As far as his dreams are concerned, he aspires to a world in which client payments no longer have an impact on the daily concerns of running the business, which in turn would free up a bit more time to spend with his family.

His friends will tell you he will always lend a helping hand. At work, you hear such comments as “the man who knows everything”, “reliable”, “efficient” and “smart” (as in ingenious) or simply his nickname “Einstein”.