François Dupont

voxlayer Partner Photo - Francois

CEO, Founder, Belgium

Welcome to the profile of one of the 3 founders, share-holders and Managing Partners of Vox Teneo. François has a natural tendency to earn other people’s respect. Married with 3 children, he is a Civil Engineer with a Masters in financial management. François is now in charge of the sales, financial and HR management of the company.

When François talks about Vox Teneo, he ensures that the agency relies on its ability to respond to client requirements (and budgets), while ensuring an efficient service delivery, which will save time, for both client and agency alike. He is also firmly convinced that Vox Teneo would not be where it is today without another fundamental quality: the ability to take a step back to think. The latter also fits with his own vision in life.

His friends will tell you he is reliable, always keen to spend some time with his friends and with no boundaries when it comes to setting himself challenges and goals.

In his spare time, François is keen explorer who will dedicate plenty of spare time to jogging and trekking and even the occasional marathon! And if he has energy left after all this, you may occasionally see him on a badminton court.

Finally, whenever you ask the team for feedback, you will get one unanimous response: the Boss, cool and composed in all circumstances.