Kristijan Petkovski


Backend Developer, Macedonia

Kristijan’s story with Vox Teneo begins early in 2018 with our PHP Internship Program where he showed huge interest and success. But he didn’t stop there. His interests switched to .NET, and just at the right time we can say because a job position just opened up in Skopje. So, Kristijan started the second part of his journey with us, as a .NET intern this time, slowly but surely falling in love with his team and the company spirit. The final step was officially joining our team as a .NET Developer, ready for the challenges ahead. Kristijan is a huge environmentalist and one of the few that ride their bike; that use their bike every day, no matter the weather and loves exercising focusing mostly on the triathlon disciplines: biking, swimming and running. In the spare time he has, he likes to learn new languages and read.

Swimming, Cycling, Running