Manu Oger


Chief UI-UX, Analysis & QA Officer, Belgium

Manu has now been part of Vox Teneo for quite some time, as developer then as project manager. In his own words, “why bother looking elsewhere, when you realize you found the best from the start”. Most of his contributions were focused on the D’Ieteren projects (including the Audi E-shop) and several jobs for Saab.

When it comes to describing Vox Teneo, Manu provides us with a highly expressive vision: a company, which has the talent to reshape itself to suit the client, while sustaining the precision of a Swiss clockmaker.

Manu is a man of action. His motto: “See the positive aspects of all things in life and never look back in regret”. His friends label him as sociable, open, joyful, ambitious and stubborn. His colleagues will add hard-working, perfectionist, a “solutions machine”, determined, involved and always keen to help.

When Manu is not playing tennis or poker, this enthusiastic workaholic aspires to one simple thing in life: “to be happy at all times!”