Patrick Loge


Founder, Indonesia

Welcome to the profile of one of the 3 founders, share-holders and Managing Partners of Vox Teneo. This self-made man could be described as Vox Teneo’s professor (not that mad). Deep down, Patrick is a seeker, a researcher. He gathered experience over the years across a variety of projects including corporate portals, specific industry applications and the development of many applications in various sectors.

With these competences, Patrick became the natural leader for the developers’ team. He also focus on the ongoing project’s architecture while keeping close tabs on new technologies and innovations in this fast-moving sector. The sharp and creative mind of our little (yet rather tall!) genius has led him towards a greater affinity with the creative aspects of our work.

As far as Patrick is concerned, Vox Teneo’s fundamental values revolve around an ability to take a realistic view of our capabilities, whilst fulfilling the client’s requirements 100% by learning and daring to explore new technologies and ideas off the beaten track. In short, “to have talent is to have a desire”.

His friends will tell you he is sometimes absent-minded – absorbed within his own (and his client’s) world.