Sophie Doumont


Finance & Administration Director, Belgium

Sophie joined the team in 2008 to handle finance & administration – now, for the whole Group. You will soon gather how invaluable her contribution is: she is the guardian for the smooth running of Vox Teneo, both on the financial and operational fronts.

Before Vox, Sophie acquired experience in the finance and HR departments in the banking and postal sectors. Her responsibilities covered management control, but also project management. Sophie then worked on the compilation and analysis of HR statistics as well as on negotiations with trade unions and balancing the company’s accounts.

She feels particularly in tune with Vox Teneo’s drive to be rigorous in her work and flexible when it comes to understanding the bigger picture. Highly focused, she is also empathic. Her friends will tell you that she is thoughtful and caring, sensitive and a good listener who will always greet you with a smile.

Ultimately, she aspires to the humble and simple things in life: to be happy as she is now at work and with her husband and three children. All this explains how she comes to one conclusion in her life: “make every day count”…