Tanya Tanevska


Managing Director, Macedonia

Tanya is a “street smart” of the information age. Passionate about the Internet, technology and people, her CV is full of relevant stories – she made a 3D short movie, which was selected and screened on festivals in Serbia, Canada and South Korea, successfully started a small-sized digital agency in Bulgaria, that attracted global brands and companies, held a few relevant public talks (among which a TED Talk on the topic of “Online Identity”), started and organized two editions of a communications technology event. Somewhere along the way she had a business cappuccino with Patrick and got excited about Vox Teneo.
Having an affinity for the Wild*, she met Love in the Šar Mountains, a freeride snowboarder, with an entrepreneurial spirit and got married spontaneously and unexpectedly.  After moving to Skopje, Tanya quickly recognized the unrevealed potential of the IT market and the abundance of highly skilled IT professionals in the country. She got in touch with Patrick, and on 1 April 2014 Vox Teneo Macedonia hit the ground running. The starting date was no coincidence -Tanya is deeply convinced that taking oneself seriously is overrated.
Only a few months in, Vox Teneo Macedonia is fully operational!