The Resonate Experience

By April 16th 2016 2:13 pm
Resonate Baloons

If you have never heard about Resonate, you can’t call yourself a geek. Resonate is conference/festival held every year in the beautiful Belgrade, Serbia. It provides an insight into the current developments in the fields of digital culture visual arts and music and it was THE place to be from the 12th to the 16th of April. This year Resonate was celebrating their fifth anniversary and we wanted in on the fun. Four brave soldiers from our ranks were sent to Resonate to steal the knowledge of the incredible lecturers and performers that were a part of Resonate. Our team was consisted of Stavros – Tech Lead Fron End Developer; Ljupco – Front End Developer; Ratko – PHP Developer and Jane – Communications Coordinator.

We can honestly say that we had a blast in Belgrade! From the inspiring lectures to the amazing performances to the beautiful sights of the city it was well spent four days. So for those of you who weren’t there, here is a short review of the things that happened on Resonate 2016.




Our day one started with Screenings in the beautiful big cinema in Kinoteka. The screenings were consisted of short videos including: Mapping videos, product presentations, short tips and tricks videos after which we moved to the Main Hall in Kolarac were we watched more extraordinary music videos.




The first lecture we attended was by Bethany Koby. She is as mom, CEO designer, educator and art director interested in creating brands, businesses and experiences that help imagine a more positive and collaborative future. Her presentation was named “Technology will save us”. She spoke about involving kids with technologies, aiming to spark their creativity with different DIY kits and games.




Next up was Sakchin Bessette from Moment Factory. He presented an amazing new project. An interactive forest. Moment Factory is a media and entertainment studio specializing in the conception and production of multimedia environments combining video, lighting, architecture, sound and special effect to create remarkable experiences. Since its inception in 2001, Moment Factory has created more than 300 events, shows and installations. Their latest project is placed in a forest where the creative use of lights and sounds makes for an incredible experience for the visitors. You can see more about this project Here.

We finished day one with the performance of Omar Souleyman. An Amazing artist and DJ who combines oriental sounds with amazing techno music which makes for a perfect combination!

Day two started with one of our personal favorite lecturers on this years festival. His name is Dan Hatt. Creative technologist, visual artist and VJ from Manchester (UK). While working as a research technologist for the BBC’s Research and Development UX group. His first lecture was on Object Oriented Video Broadcasting. Basically what they do is live stream events but it’s not really live. With the help of Primer (the software they use) they can broadcast live events with a small, almost not noticeable delay which helps a lot with having a perfect stream with no errors, because they can rewind bits, censor, change cameras without even being present at the event and the people at home not noticing anything strange.




After Dan we attended a Pannel Discussion about Digital Art Festivals. On this discussion there were representatives of a couple of well known Digital Art festivals from across Europe. This included Marie du Chastel (KIKK), Jean-Emmanuel Rosten (Mirage), Jarl Schulp (FIBER). The representatives talked about their festival, presented photos and videos, explained their plans for the future of the festivals .




Next up was Patricio Gonzalez Vivo. He is and artist and engineer who uses code and light to turn data into stunning landscapes. His landscapes address the problem of scale and the development of technology to perceive beyond the world in front of us. Patricio’s landscapes are compositions of time and perception.




Day two finished with an incredible performance from Atau Tanaka. An amazing artist, performer, and has been Artistic Ambassador for Apple France, and was the first artist to become researcher at Sony Computer Science Laboratory Paris. He performed using hand bands which react on muscle movement. This reactions are transferred to his lap top via wi-fi or Bluetooth (he wouldn’t tell) and converted to sound. After his performance we met him “backstage” and saw that he is and amazing and inspiring person.





Our last day at Resonate was as amazing as the first two. On our way to Kinoteka we caught up with the Belgrade City Marathon, and a midday party on Brankov Most. But we couldn’t stay since we had lectures to attend to. The first lecture of the day was by Travis Kirton. Travis is the original author of C4, a creative coding-framework for animation, media and interaction on iOS. He has been producing costume software, installations, and has explored the merging of hardware and software systems in the context of cultural and spatial experience. He spoke about his beginnings and the birth of C4, how they decided to go with iOS only, and plans for the future of his work.




We finished our Resonate experience with Dan Hett once again. This time he spoke about his “other side”. The research technologist by day, Dan crates and performs large scale improvised live visuals and exhibitions, concerts and festivals by night. Dan performs with a really cool technique, “Livecoding”. He uses code to make crazy visual effects and he lets people see his code and as he says: “Livecoding is the truth” and “Livecoding kills posers”. Dan loves improvisations and almost never goes prepared to perform. He doesn’t keep any of his used materials and lets anybody use what he made. He goes with the “Do what  you want with it licence”.




In conclusion our overall stay in Belgrade was wonderful. From the hostel we staid in to the venues for the conference we saw amazing places and met wonderful people. Resonate was an inspiring experience for all of us. We learned about the newest technologies and projects that are yet to hit the global markets. It was fun, but it had to come to and end. See you again Resonate, see you again Belgrade.