Traveling Advices by Vox Teneo

By December 4th 2017 4:32 pm

Being a part of a company with more than 100 employees spread across several countries in different parts of the world, means that you are also a part of something larger in terms of culture and diversity. Although there are a lot of things that make us different, we came to know that there are also a lot of things that make us come closer together and help us grow as one big unit.

Driven from the interests of each person in Vox Teneo, we decided to publish a series of articles that will focus on the common interests of people from different countries in order to show you that beside all of our differences, we can all somehow relate with each other, but also relate to YOU as well as try to help you, or give you advice as best as we can.

Our first article of the series focuses on a general activity, enjoyed by many, no matter where they come from – traveling. We decided to go with traveling first because as mentioned, it’s a very general subject, and we hope you can find some useful information and tips from our people.


We conducted a survey asking everyone about their best and worst travel experiences, and what are the tips they can offer to people that are eager to explore and want new and exciting experiences. Here are the top answers we got:

Best places people visited on their travels and why?

  • Egypt – “Because traveling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller” – Ibn Battuta
  • Corsica – Food, landscape, sun
  • Chiang Mai (Thailand) – Typical old town of the north of Thailand, the best place to eat thai food and et into the local culture and daily life
  • Japan – Japan was a destination that stuck in my mind for several years during my studies. But no money, no adventure. Then I had the chance to go there with twofriends some years ago. That travel changed my life.
  • Morocco – It was wild and different from everything I know. I went for windsurfing with friends and a camper, so we were moving often from beach to beach. The wind was crazy, waves super big, so the adrenaline levels kept me hyped
  • Swedish back-country – amazing nature and landscape
  • Agia Pelagio in Greece – Crystal clear water and natural beaches
  • Phuket Island – Beautiful beaches

Worst place you visited and why?

  • Detroit USA – With the collapse of industries and people moving out, it bared a post war resemblance.
  • Jakarta – Too crowded, capital city
  • Madeira (Portuguese Island) – Tourist trap, just follow the crowd tourists, nothing typical exists there since tourist economy has won this island
  • Albania – Things are still in development tourism wise, roads and infrastructure are still not at good standards
  • Cannes – the beach – Crowded Beach and dirty sea water
  • Avsha – island in Turkey – Nothing to do outside except swimming
  • So far I have never visited a bad place – You will always find a piece of joy even in the worst place

What tips or advice would you give travelers?

  • Travel where you know at least one local to show you around as an insider of that society. Don’t just sightsee and take photos.
  • Be a good guest to your hosts. Hike, eat, and try everything!
  • Google maps and Airbnb are your friends
  • You need to see the reviews from other travelers, see the weather of your visit time, also compare from several vendors for accommodation and transportation cost.
  • Travel alone or at least with peers that do not need you being with them all the time. The need to find where to stay, what to eat and to whom to speak will enrich your traveling experience.
  • Look outside of the book and discover on your own terms
  • Try to speak the local language, even just a few words once in awhile and show respect to the local culture
  • Plan to go to the airport (if needed) early to avoid unnecessary stress
  • Do not be afraid of traveling without any preparation
Have fun